Eazy Duz It

Well I’m Eazy-E, I got bitches galoreYou may have a lot of bitches but I got much moreWit my super duper group coming out to shootEazy-E, muthafukas cold knocking the boots‘Cause I’m a hip-hop thugster, I used to be a mugsterIf you heard Compton, you think I own a drugstoreGetting stupid because I know howAnd […]

Eazy Chapter 8 Verse 10

(Alright Go)This comes from the E Chapter 8 verse 10 and it readsIts time to put some niggaz in checkWhen you shoot a gun,hot shells ejectCatch’em they get used as evidenceOnly when they get brushed for finger printsYou ask Why am I like this?Cuz you wanna hear about shit like thisSo I tell it,how I […]

Ruthless Villain

MC-Ren : "Yo Dre, how much time we got left on ths tape?"Dre : "About a couple of minutes."MC-Ren : "Well let me bust a freestyle then."Dre : "Awright, go ahead." [MC-Ren]Ruthless gangsta, definition villain,Leave your shit unlocked and he’s stealin’,So call tha police cause that’s all you could do but,He’ll get away without leavin’ […]

Still Talkin’

[Baby Cryin’, Scary music, laughin’ voice .. ] Good evening, and welcome to Eazy’s playhouse, you stupid muthafuckaaaaaa! [a low bass metal voice .. ] Now that you got the album, what the fuck are you gonna do with it,BITCH BITCH Bitch bitch … Eazily I aproach, the microphone because I ain’t no jokeTell your […]

Nobody Move

Yo Ren, you’re ready to go get this move?[Believe that, boy]You’re strapped?[Yeah, you know it]Let’s go do this, man, I got it all planned out[Yeah, shoot any motherfucker that moves] *pow*["Alright everybody…"] This is a stick-up, everybody get face-downRen, gag their mouths so they can’t make a soundTie em up for the fact that I’m […]