Let Em Have It

(E-40)I never stayed my ass home I always thought that I was grownIn the traffic I was gone you see my head was made of stoneGot a problem with me?Then feel free muthafucka Don’t be talkin under yo breathCuz that might be the cause of your deathCuz I’ma quick to stop a nigga in his […]

Growing Up

"I’m a little mannish motherfucker I take after my older brother Started off selling marijuana, but now I’m selling yola.." [E-40]Here take a swig of this bourbonHit that, hit that babyAight dude.. ay who who’s foolin right there? (Who dat?)Aight nigga ay get down nigga .. {*gunfire starts going off*}AY NIGGA GET DOWN NIGGA! Ay […]


Bootsee let me define it you can rewind it after I finish spittin’Now I want you to tell me if you know somebody in yo town that fit the descriptionA sucka, a ignorant mothafuckaOne of them show boatin’ high sidin’ want to get some attention type nagasJust as flashy but bitches be askin me If […]

Mack Minister

I’d like to thank the mack god for all tha playa prophets that he sentI’d like to thank him for Donald Going and Iceberg Slim for dottin their I’s and crossin their T’s, poppin their P’s, and flexin their G’sI’d like to thank the mack god for all the playa prophets that he sent before […]

My Drinking Club

Step right up! From the East to the West, from the North to the South Sign up right’ere, your scheduled membership to the drinkin club Uhh… *chorus* They got you soaked (that’s right) I see your cup up (drink it to em) Let’s get drunk and get my fortune out of my drinking club [E-40]E-40 […]