Some Things You Never Get Used To

Some things you never get used to It’s the same routine of getting up every morningAnd putting on a smileBut under me, there’s another personWho can’t find a reason to make living worthwhile Oh, another day to get throughWithout the love that once was mineSometimes, I think my heartaches come to an endAnd then, something […]

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

EDDIE:I’m gonna do all the things for youA girl wants a man to doOh, babyOTHER TEMPTATIONS:Oh, babyEDDIE:I’ll sacrifice for youI’ll even do wrong for youOh, babySUPREMES:BabyEDDIE:Every minute, every hour,I’m gonna showerYou with love and affectionLook out, it’s comin’ in your directionAnd I’m, I’m gonna make you love meOh, yes I will, yes I willI’m gonna […]

I'm Gonna Make It (I Will Wait for You)

CHORUS:I’m gonna make it, I will wait for youI’m gonna make it, I will wait for you When you went away,There’s nothin’ I could sayAnd now, I feel the hurt comin’ over meWishin’ you were here,Thinkin’ ’bout you, dearEvery night and day the way it used to be Although it’s been so longSince you were […]

He's My Sunny Boy

Doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo dooDoo doo doo doo doo doo Ooooooooh-ooohSunny boy,Now, let me tell you how much goodYou’ve done me, boy‘Cause when I’m feeling low,You give me plenty joyInto each life, some rain must fallBut with you here, there’s no rain at all Ooooooooh-ooohSunny boy (hey, sunny boy),Looks good […]

Discover Me

Oh, babeOoh, babe Hidden here behind four walls, unknown to passers-byI’m just a soul deprived of love, I’ve yet to reason whyI’ve got so much to give someone, so many dreams to shareAnd a promise of a faithful love if someone would only care Discover me (discover me)And you’ll discover happiness (oh, baby)Discover me (discover […]