Through the mirror of my mindTime after timeI see reflections of you and me Reflections ofThe way life used to beReflections ofThe love you took from me Oh, I’m all alone now,No love to shield me,Trapped in a world that’sA distorted reality Happiness youTook from meAnd left me aloneWith only memories Through the mirror of […]

Does Your Mama Know About Me

Does your mama know about me?Does she know just what I am?Will she turn her back on meOr accept me as I am? And what about your dad?Did you think of what he’ll say?Will he be understandingOr does he think the usual way? Maybe I shouldn’t worryBut I’ve been through this beforeAnd I’d like to […]

Love Child

(Tenement slum) You think that I don’t feel loveBut what I feel for you is real loveIn other’s eyes I see reflectedA hurt, scorned, rejected Love child, never meant to beLove child, born in povertyLove child, never meant to beLove child, take a look at me I started my life in an old, cold, rundown […]

Someday, We’ll Be Together

(Someday, we’ll be together)Ah, say it, say it, say it, say it againSomeday, we’ll be togetherOh yeah, oh yeah You’re far away from me, my loveAnd just as sure, my, my baby,As there are stars above,I wanna say, wanna say, wanna say (Someday, we’ll be together)Ah, yes we will, yes we will(Someday) Some sweet day […]

I’m Livin’ in Shame

Mom was cookin’ breadShe wore a dirty, raggedy scarf around her head,Always had her stockings low,Rolled to her feet, she just didn’t know She wore a sloppy dressOh, no matter how she tried, she always looked a messOut of the pot she ate,Never used a fork or a dinner plate I was always so afraid […]