Only One Road

I’m looking back through the yearsDown this highwayMemories, they all lead up to this one dayAnd many dreams lost along the wayHaunt me stillI guess they always will When love was too much to bearI just left it thereBut here I stand face to faceWith this heart of mine Livin’ without you I only fall […]


So this is who I am,And this is all I know,And I must choose to live,For all that I can give,The spark that makes the power grow And I will stand for my dream if I can,Symbol of my faith in who I am,But you are my only,And I must follow on the road that […]

Nothing Broken But My Heart

I’ve been over you for some time now babyI don’t miss your kiss like before now anymore nowIf you asked me how I’m doin’ I’m fineAll I needed was a little timeSo if you still think that I still need you Baby I really don’t know whyOh baby, since you left meYou might think that […]

Another Year Has Gone By

So many 25th’s of DecemberJust as many 4th of July’sAnd we’re still holding it togetherIt only comes down to you and I I know you can still rememberThings we said right from the startWhen we said that this could be specialI’m keeping those words deep down in my heart Another year has gone byAnd I’m […]


Can we touch the soul of heavenCan we unite a sacred lessonEvery child creates a skylight of beauty Can you hear cathedrals fallingAll the universe is callingCry a single cello from your heart Since the world has lost awayLoneliness journey endlesslyYet the promised chance remainsGift of what could be So let the children remember the […]