Beauty And The Beast

duet with Peabo Bryson Tale as old as timeTrue as it can beBarely even friendsThan somebody bendsUnexpectedly Just a little changeSmall, to say the leastBoth a little scaredNeither one preparedBeauty and the Beast Ever just the sameEver a surpriseEver as beforeEver just as sureAs the sun will arise Tale as old as timeTune as old […]

Aun Existe Amor (Love Still Exists)

Cuando te adormeces junto a miEntonces no me quedan dudasDe que aun existe amor (When you fall asleep next to me Then I have no doubt That love still exists) La indecisi¨Rn que hay en miYo la mandar¨ªa a la lunaPara vivir contigoLa soledad de cada d¨ªaQue entre l¨¢grimas crec¨ªaLa alejar¨¦ de mi (The indecision […]

Have A Heart

Lying in bed aloneThinkin’ ’bout how much I need youOh, give me one more chance to see you againIf only I’d have knownIt was the last time I’d be with youI would’ve held on and never let you go Baby, just have a heartI’m begging youLet me show you how much I need youBaby, just […]

Seduces Me

Everything you areEverything you’ll beTouches the current of loveSo deep in meEvery sigh in the nightEvery tear that you crySeduces me All that I amAll that I’ll beMeans nothing at allIf you can’t be with meYour most innocent kissOr your sweetest caressSeduces me I don’t care about tomorrowI’ve given up on yesterdayHere and now is […]

No Living Without Loving You

If you ever leave meLife will go onStars will still beBright as diamonds in the sky nowEven if you said goodbye nowOh, the clock wouldn’t stop, noThat sun would keep shinning downIf you weren’t here with meThis world would still be spinnin’ ’roundBut baby there would be Just no living without loving youHow could I […]