Dreaming Of You

Lyin’ in my bedThoughts in my headVisions of youBut I can’t get through the night So pick up the phoneI know you’re homeYou’re playin’ with my heartAnd you know that it just ain’t right It’s just a game of love, love, loveAnd even though it’s hard babyI can never give you up You’re the one […]

I’m Alive

I get wings to fly… Oh-ohI’m alive… yeah.. yeah When you call for meWhen I hear you breathI get wings to fly…I feel that I’m alive When you look at meI can touch the skyI know thatI’m alive Ohh… Ooh…. alive When you blessed the dayI just drift awayAll my world is rightI’m glad that […]

Miles To Go (Before I Sleep)

I would walk to the edge of the universe for youPaint you a crimson sunset over sheltering skiesI could learn all the world dialects for youWhisper sonnets in your ear discovering truthI could never worship pagan gods around meI will only follow the path that leads me to you baby… always Every step I take […]

A new day has come

I was waiting for so longFor a miracle to comeEveryone told me to be strongHold on and don’t shed a tear Through the darkness and good timesI knew I’d make it throughAnd the world thought I’d had it allBut I was waiting for you [Pre-CHORUS:]Hush now I see a light in the skyOh it’s almost […]

(If There Was) Any Other Way

Sorry I know I’m lateGuess I lost all track of timeStarted walking and couldn’t stopTurning it over in my mindTrying to make some sense of itTrying to make the pieces fitI thought I covered my tracks so wellBut now he says he knew about it from the startYeah he knew about us all along, , […]