100 Bars

Yeah!!! That’s the beat right there.I’m about to black out with 100 bars on some professional shit.So don’t try this at home, yo. Yo, yo, yoMy style of rhymin is ancient like Aztecs and MayansBecause I recognize its all about timinMe and my freestyle alliance practicin African voodoo scienceIn front of 20 ft. bonfires lookin […]

Doomsday News

Yo, yo..If I had half as many bars in goldas I had in lyrics when I flowedI’d be the richest man on the globeNiggaz wanna know is Canibus gold?That’s a stupid-ass question motherfucker, is Canada cold?Bout a thousand degrees lower than liquid nitro isFive thousand degrees hotter than flame throwersI reflect light, bounce off walls […]


[Canibus]I make your bitch crew shit stools; I put a pistol in your mouth and pull, then I feed you to the pitbullsDon’t even talk about guns; the only "nine" you got is a five dollar bill and four onesSo I don’t give a fuck what none of y’all niggaz sayCause anything that can’t penetrate […]