Brand Nubian Rock the Set

[Sadat X]Yeah, check it out, I’ma flow on this oneYeah I’ma run with this for the ninety-two seasonYo check it out I’ma give you somethin cat, this is what you needYou need a coach and I’m a damn good coachGot the right approach, plus my pop had winsSeed trickled down, six two and brownWhen _Slow […]


[Grand Puba]C’mon Alamo, let’s swing itBefore I get this wreck, I like to take a secTo say this jam here is dedicated to some of my favorites I like to dedicate this to PE, I like to dedicate this to BDPI like to dedicate this to the X-Clan, I like to dedicate this to Heavy […]

Brand Nubian ('98)

[Puba] Now who comin with that hot shit?"Once again" BRAND NUBIAN![Puba] Who about to rock shit?"Once again" BRAND NUBIAN![Puba] Super splashy with that head knot"Once again" BRAND NUBIAN![Puba] Seal it down cause it don’t stop"Once again" BRAND NUBIAN! Verse One: Grand Puba Now as I blast off with my curricula, comin perpendicularWatch me kill it […]

Brand Nubian

Verse one: Lord Jamar Brand Nubian functionA junction of threeCollaboration in a style that’s like funkTo slap palms, swing armsTap a soulCause no rock rolls down our hillYo black it’s kinda illWe don’t roll no rocks we just fillHeads with knowledge, pure foundationShowing and proving through the manifestationOf our name which is "Brand Nu"Brand Nubian […]

Grand Puba, Positive and L.G.

[Grand Puba] Two times for the drummer, ‘fore I start it I say, "Hit me!" Puba’s kickin flavor, and I brought somebody with me[Positive K] Positive, the gentlemen, the rapper Suave blase, you know dapper[Grand Puba] See this is not a song about friends because we make ends, and then we spread the skins[Positive K] […]