Tango Shoes

When we’re together,I am alone.Dawdle down the street, shuffle my feet,don’t wanna go home.There’s an antique store.I go inside.All I got on me,is only twenty bucks and my pride.(That’s when I see them!) My new tango shoes,They are my treasure! They are so cool!My new tango shoes,They are my ticket! My tools!My new tango shoes,are […]


For you I’m a good for nothing woman:Red lips, red leaves.Fall on my knees like autumn.I miss cigarettes every single day of my life.When you make love to me,I close my eyes and pray you’ll say "goodbye". Damn! She’s dawning on me!Finally dawning on me.She’s dawning on me, she’s beautiful!It’s not that you don’t know […]

Make Like A Tree

all i wanted was to be by myself, (leave me alone) all you did was hurt me instead of help, (leave me alone) leave me alone!! as i touch myself my cold body, (leave me alone) you promised death would truly set me free:(leave me alone) leave me alone! i never thought in a million […]

If I

have you heard da news, today? i left you in the dust, and that’s where you’ll stay. you never mattered anyway.you don’t really know how to play the game. if i shed my skin, i won’t feel:(if i shed my skin) if i close my eyes, i won’t see you: (if i close my eyes) […]