Daddy’s Getting Married

my mama followed her lover to india the mongoose and the roti walla on your front porch tear me from a growling tiger’s mouth from then on i’m in love: don’t ask me how i am today don’t wanna talk about it don’t ask what the matter is today’s the big day daddy’s getting married […]


falling off of my own skateboard praying to my almighty lord look up and what do i see? your face smiling down at me! you look my body up and down as i lay there upon the ground i know, my love, i could not look much better: succulent. you make me feel succulent.yeah, ya […]

My Whole Life

i don’t wanna wait forever but you know i would you’d better hope i don’t say "now or never" ’cause you know i whole life i’m searchin’ for someone like you to take me gently by the hand and show me what to do. my whole life,it’s not overit’s my whole life… if you’re […]

October Songs

If I fall outa my nest,will ya pick me up? Will ya help me fly?If I fall outa my nest,will ya show me love?If I’m in over my head,will ya pick me up? Will ya help me out?If I’m in over my head,will ya show me love? It’s cold, baby.It’s cold, baby.I need your love […]


i see your face on television, almost every day in magazines and on the big screen close yet far away i wonder why you choose those others and you never come to call on mewhen i’m the one who’s waiting for you i really need you – please pick me! spaceman, oh spaceman! come rescue […]