Stolen Sidewalk

I’m a junkie.I’m a whore.That’s what you always called me.I am raw,an open sore.I ache to remind me… I’m a weakling,you are strong.Pick me up from where I lay.Here on a stolen sidewalk.Baby, don’t make me beg… I’m religious once again.We all are before we die…and I am so sick to death.Wasted tears I cry.And […]


it was a monday, when my lover told me, "never pay the reaper with love only." what could i say to you, except, "i love you." and "i’d give my life for yours." i know we are: we are the lucky ones.i know we are: we are the lucky ones.i know we are: we are […]


i was just outa high school in my first band:i married my drummer. our love was grand.i thought it was forever – ’til death do us part. then he cheated on me and he broke my heart. [chotee:] so young, so confused. what was i to do? i’m so sorry, chotee, but i couldn’t keep […]

Over You

my mind’s wandering i savor the passion that your torture brings my breath’s quickening inhaling the perfume of my sweet sin i dance on your grave i pray i am the one that you choose to save my fingers quiver dry mouth silkening my boy you are drinking from my river. it’s just a little […]

Choking On The Truth

Sucking on a suckerrunning down the alleyaway from worthlessness.It’s dusk.The lovely, pink sky eggs me on.Thinking of you,I roll this candy on my tongue.I throw a rock in the air,but it doesn’t go anywhere.(like my spinning wheels)Reminiscent of this sugar lump,it seems to be lodged in the centre of my throat. Choking on the truth.I […]