Regular Guy

Let me tell ya about the kinda guys that like me:They’re in jail.Either that, or they are slumming…or walking on the wild side.I guess you could say I’m just like Jody Watley,"Looking for a new love."I don’t think I’m asking for much in a boyfriend…Here’s what I want: I’m just looking fora four-eyes-really-square regular guy,just […]

My Bike

the last time i fell in love she had red, red, hair and a ring in her lip she called me "jellybean" while playing basketball it was so divine… but never like this! and you are my entity you are my dream yeah you’re my dream: lazy saturday like a kitten in the sunshine warm […]

Tell On You

it seemed like days had passed… are you finished? i could no longer move my arms. the only thing left in the room was the silence:can you still hear the breaking glass when it hit my face? even the mice were laughing at the smell of pain,here we go again to the depths of no […]

I Love Myself Today

You left me like a broken dollIn pieces as I took the fallfor you, you dumb chump!You left me free-falling like space junkBurning up in the atmosphere of life Well I sound like a philosopherbut I’m a fool who’s off her rocker‘Cause I let you in my heart that one last time I’ve had enough, […]

Moment Of Weakness

i stand in the pouring rain you couldn’t even be there to pick me up yer taking me for granted, again yer running outa time, and yer outa luck! just a moment of weakness i should examine my head! just a moment of weakness i never meant a word i said i’m sick with the […]