i picked you up on a gray day – the new jersey turnpike i’ll give you lots of yummy candy if ya like sophia, your hair is like silk.sophia, your skin is like milk. that truck stop, baby, everybody loved you. i held you close, you were mine – everyone knew. sophia, "el perro" in […]

Hold On

Baby, I’m angry.Baby, I’m scared.We’re living in a dark time.And nobody cares.Baby, I’m tired.Life isn’t fair.You are the only one,who will always be there. Hold on, to me.Say you’ll never leave me.Tell me anything, you want.Hold on, baby.Say you’ll always love me.Promise that you will hold on. Baby, I’m sorry.I don’t mean to cry.But, I […]

Never Alone

lying in your hotel bed you cry for the years that were wasted and time gone by darling girl can you not see your soul is bright i wish you could know it’s all gonna be all right: a little determination and a little more pride a little determination will ease your pain inside. let […]


i used to follow you and your friends to the ice rink the back of your skidoo made me all wet (from snow) you’d pat me on the head as we stole your dad’s chevette, one more time. i bought new hiking boots so you’d think i was cool (you didn’t care, coz you never […]

I Died

2:30 pm, i jumped off the welfare wagonto meet you for lunch. you sit like a thai princess:cold and captivating. you divulge your latest secret.(so sinister – i cannot repeat) from my eyes flows glacier water.from my soul, sick obscenities. i died eating french friesin the restaurant on the corner,where you broke me heart.i cried […]