Lonely Lola Cherry Cola Girl

Lonely Lola Cherry Cola girlHow much did they pay you for your smileAlone in your own creaming soda worldMaybe you were happy for a whileLola you’re a star tonightDon’t let themPluck you from the skyLonely Lola everybody knowsEverybody calls themselves your friendBut later on tonight when it gets coldLola who’s a gonna love you thenBut […]

I Don’t Mean It

Don’t make me laughI’m not sure I feel it nowBelieve in a reasonStraight from your heartWhat you gonna tell your friendsWhen they ask you about itI guess that’s alrightl’ll say that I don’t mindAnd I say it all the timeI don’t mean itDon’t even startI’m not even listening nowNo feeling no healingStraight from your heartWhat […]


Wring out my guilt and hang it on the lineIt’s been raining all weekIt won’t get a chance to dryI’ve been looking around the pantry for a box ofSorriesI’m all run out yeah I’m all run out Its not that hard to say I knowIts not that hard to say I knowIts not that hard […]

Bursting Through

I’m counting starsLying underWatching you through my wallsAll the lights have gone outI know you’re listening nowYou’ve been spinning aroundTurning slowlyOrbiting round my houseIt’s a feeling I guess (Single Version: "It’s a feeling I get")I know you’re listening nowWarm me todayWarm me todayFilter in my lonely roomWarm me todayWarm me todayLook outside the sun it’sBursting […]

Love Is The Law

ft. Paul Kelly Love Is The LawThough I speak in tongues of angelsAnd in many tongues of menThough prophecy may sing through meWithout love I’m nothing Though I understand all mysteriesAnd can see the story’s endThough my faith can move mountainsWithout love I’m nothing Love is the law, the law is loveLove is the law, […]