Boys Do Fall In Love

Baby said you had to be a loverOne way or the otherNobody wins without once giving inso don’t cry now , don’t cry now Love is just a game you played in high schoolGirls know how to be cruelMost of the time girls are cruel to be kindso don’t cry now , don’t cry now […]


Angela, I’m still aliveAngela, I’m still aliveThe sun and the seaThe darkness in the wayAll the pain don’t get no betterIt gets stronger every day It happens to be trueThat I still pray to you my loveVoices in the night, don’t helpMy searching for the truth, my love And when I’m lostAnd high above the […]

Birdie Told Me

Birdie told me I must get over you somehow.And she told me never to think of you right now. But it’s hopeless to say how can I forget the way she used to love me.I think about her in my time, know in my mind it’s over. Looks like falling, heaven is calling my name […]

Baby As You Turn Away

Here am I one sad and lonely guy, one shadow of the man I used to be. Now it’s past, the love I thought would last; you thought I had you chained,and now you’re free. I know it’s wrong but I’m still holding on, still praying you will soon come back to me. But then […]

Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

No, you can’t keep a good man downWhen you got a good woman to keep it upNo, you can’t stand on firmer groundWhen love is the question I got enough Ooh, with lips so sweetOur love just can’t be beat, my darling, oh yeahA love like yours and mineCan stand the test of time, my […]