Baptise My Soul

You baptise my soulWant the world to knowYes you doYou baptise my soulGotta let it showTake me to the river and deliver meOooooh ooh I just wanna celebrate another day with youWe were meant to be together, don’t you know it’s true?From the very start, you captured my heartSometimes I wonder what I did before […]

Made For Lovin' You

Baby I’ve been waiting for some timeTo find a way to free your mind, yeahIt’s the simple things you do to meThat makes my heart forget to beat, yeah yeahBut I ain’t here to try to play your fool, no noI won’t every beg for youBut heaven blessed the day you findWhat you’ve been looking […]

Same Old Story

Yeah Turn around take a look at my lifeI’m a lot like you areTry to hide from yesterdayStill the pain never went awayCould it be, historyAll the time just repeatin’ on me?Thought that I could break the chainsThe tears and pain, but here I go again Over and overOn and onKeep on singing that same […]


[children playing] late in Septembermemories I can’t erasethe shiver through autumnthe memory of your face’cause I grew much olderI wonderwhatever I could have doneto fight all the magnets but I close my eyesand find truth in what I’m sayin’they thought it was all a liehow could they deny it when I was just alittle child […]

Love Is Alive

Love is aliveLove is alive, yeahLove is aliveLove is alive, yeah Yeah yeahWhoooooYah, yeah, yeah, yeah(Yeah) When I think that it’s time to get readyTo realise just what I have foundI have been only half of what I amIt’s all clear to me now My heart is on fireMy sould’s like a wheel that’s turningMy […]