Saints & Sinners

Oooh, OoohOooh, OoohOoooohThe name: All SaintsThe year: 2000Good or bad? Saints or Sinners? Fast? Slow? Stop? Go? I got the strangest feelin’I refuse to believe inI got the strangest feelin’ Feeling you remindin’ meDeeper down you’re desirin’ me I’ll befriend you, (I’ll befriend you)I’ll try to pretend to (Try to pretend to)Have your interests at […]

Black Coffee

Night SwimmingBeach walkingAlways silentNever talkingThen you call my nameAnd I know inside I love you Sail awayI miss you moreUntil you see the shoreThere I will be waitingAnticipating Each moment is newFreeze the momentEach moment is coolFreeze the moment I wouldnt wanna beAnywhere else but… hereI wouldnt wanna changeAnything at all (Anything oh I..) I […]

If You Want To Party (I Found Lovin’)

C’mon now, nowOoh-hoo-hoo-hooStart itHey Hey, what’s up? Gather round, everybody get downIt’s time for the best party track in townKicking it live, keeping it realParty on time, yeah, you know how we feel You gotta get up and move side to sideYou’ve gotta release and do it rightIt’s a funkadelic beat to a funkadelic songStill […]


Not gonna, don’t wanna, never gonna, don’t wanna, wanna end up aloneNot gonna, never gonna, don’t, don’t wanna, wanna end up alone I need to sit back and pick out, its about the way I’m making you feel,You’re trying to show me that you’re happy, really happy, really happy [Mel, Nat & Nic]But I can […]

I Know Where It’s At

I know where its atI know where its at (I know where its at)I know where its atI know where its at (I know where its at)I know (I know) I know where its at (I know where it’s at)If you wanna have a good time(I know where it’s at)If you know you’ve got something […]