Baby It’s You

Yeah, come on nowYeah, come on nowYeah, come on nowYeah, come on nowYeah, come on nowYeah, come on nowYeah, come on now Too hot. Lookin’ fantasticNo nips or tucks of plasticThe way she works her magicShe’s got me like an adictI’m not a dreamin’ or fantisin’, this could meanGotta move on, gotta play the fieldGotta […]


I wanna see ya bounce Welcome to the party This is one of a kindLike a hot chilli pepperIt’ll blow your mindDon’t know if you can take itSo now we’re gonna shake itAnd if you can’tgetcha in house arrest It’s like this We’ve got the crazy notionDJ’s treating us with a jumpin’ potionSo come on […]

My Internet Girl

Ain’t no doubt about itI can’t wait to get home to you(I gotta get home, yeah, uh, uh, come on.)Connected with my babyJust jammin online with you(online, online, online) Here in my room we are as one(together you and me, together you and me)Hours connectAs we switch on (switch on) [Chorus]She’s my best kept secretMy […]

I Would

See you walking down the streetEvery single dayGirl you never seem to have a smile on your faceWhat you need is someone who would treat you rightFrom the morn’ til the noon, the noon til the nightAin’t no doubt about what I would doI’d make a long listI think you’d approveYou gotta think bigIf you […]

My First Ride

Alright yeah alrightI got my first ride with my dadI so a girl that is cute but my dad told me toRide the Rollercoaster.My first ride My first ride My first ride Oh girl I wish you and I are togetherIt’s so cool if…..We areHolding hands in the parkIt’s so cool ifYou and I are […]