1st & 10

Click, clickClick, clickYeahClick, clickDTP nigga! [Infamous 2-0]I started with ten mack tensAnd ten clips and ten pensGot ten times richer in the span of ten yearsBitch I’m ten times two on a scale of one to tenI’ll battle ten crews with the strength of ten men [Fate Wilson]At nine, I was into crime, sex, and […]

Go 2 Sleep

[Hook 3x]GO TO SLEEP, hoe to sleep, GO TO SLEEP, hoe to sleepIF YOU’RE TIRED BE QUIET AND GO TO SLEEP, hoe to sleep [Ludacris]Maaan, I tell a hoe to go to sleep (go to sleep)They turn around and frown, gotta make ’em six feet deep‘Cause we knock ’em unconscious with that non-senseRead inbetween that […]

Get Off Me

[Ludacris & Pastor Troy]what (what), what (what), what (what), what (what)I (I ), I (I ), I (I ), I (I )[Pastor Troy]OK, come on, what [Ludacris & Pastor Troy]what (what), what (what), what (what), what (what)oh (oh), oh (oh), oh (oh), oh (oohhhh) [Chorus: Ludacris]Get off me, but I’m on you all dayGet off […]

Hood Stuck

[Chorus (Ludacris)]Eastside, eastside nigga wha?(Eastside, eastside nigga what?)I’m talk bout da Westside, westside nigga wha?(Westside, westside nigga wha?)Northside, northside nigga wha?(Northside, northside nigga wha?)Southside, southside nigga wha?(Southside, southside nigga wha?) [Ludacris]Good luck, time to get hood stuckCaldasac trap, Mr. Good StuffLudacris give me 20 push-upsLast summer, got da hook upYou know what I didWho’d eva […]

Cold Outside

[Ludacris] [Chorus] It ain’t no one to trust but meAnd I got to make sure that I take care of my familyAnd it ain’t no choices ’cause it’s cold outside (It’s cold outside) And to my niggas on the blockOn the grind and hustlin’ tryin’ to sell some rocksYou hear the voices say it’s cold […]