So this ain’t the end –I saw you again todayHad to turn my heart awayYou smiled like the Sun –Kisses for everyoneAnd tales – it never fails! You lying so low in the weedsBet you gonna ambush meYou’d have me down on my kneesWouldn’t you, Barracuda? Back over Time when we were allTrying for freeMet […]

Dream Of The Archer

Wayfaring warrior Soul – still wildThe archer standsArrow measured to the goal – sing ofStrong and living manIn his mind there is a vision wand’ringThrough the forest townTelling of riches only given if throughThe woods the way is found Crying "ah! Beautiful dancers …wake upFrom your sleep!Ahhh gentle romancers…drink of LoveSo sweet!" Treasure glowing in […]

Cry To Me

Poor little dreamerStand inside the doorYou can’t find the easy rhymesOf time you had before It hurts my heart so badSeeing you sigh and shakeBroken down so low – so sadI can’t let you break Cry to me – Cry to meYou better not hide itLet it come – let it bleedI ain’t laughing – […]