Dirty Souf

ft. H.A.W.K., REDD south side…. dirty dirty…. south side.. ahhhhh [CHORUS:]It’s the dirty south, it’s just the dirty south, It’s the dirty south, the dirty south, the dirty south [repeat 2X] [Redd]down south we wear bandannas and denim suites down south you gone always spot us in them coupes [Lil’ Flip]well down south we drivin […]

My Dogz

ft. B.G. Duke, Scoopastar, Taz, Will-lean) [Lil’ Flip talkin’]Ha ha, this tha realest shit I wroteYa’ll say we look like kidsOh ya’ll don’t think I heard what ya’ll saidYou puttin’ it on tape, this for my dogz, nigga [Chorus]I’ll ride for my dogz, I’ll lie for my dogzIf it come down to it, I’ll die […]


ft. B.G., Lil’ Marice, Taz [Verse One: B.G.]On the block avanna to magnolia tryna shineI scored a bird and I flipped dat bitch forty timesNow we ballin from Houston to New Orleans seven figures (ya’ll lyin)Got the baddest broads callin cause I’m rockin ice (bling!)Gotta 2000 Benzy Bike rrrroooommmm rrrooommmm! loud pipes loud pipesGotta house […]

My Block

ft. Crime, Dante, Godfather (You don’t like the ghetto, everyone knows the ghetto, it in every hood) [Lil’ Flip]From my block to your block, ha ha, this for tha streets, ha ha, Look [Chorus]From my block to yo’ block, we stackin’ chipsFrom yo’ block to my block, we packin’ clipsAnd if you don’t work, then […]

Put Yo Fist Up

ft. Redd, SPM [talking]Got to do something for the playasIf you ain’t a real playa, you’ll have toGo to the back of the clubThis for the playas and the ballas (ballas)And the pimps, for everybody (Southside)Who rocking lots of ice, teeth shinePiece shine, pull up looking cleanOn two 20’s nigga [Chorus]Put your fist upIf you […]