I stand with a blank expression nowand I can’t believe myselfwill someone tell me howdid I get hereI am walkingchanging slowlyI am chasingclimbing closer I know that I’ll never be aloneyou will never let me goyou are my anchorhold my hand while I’m sinking in the sandno one else could understandyou are my anchor it […]


I’m finding my way back to sanity againThough I don’t really know whatI’m going to do when I get thereTake a breath and hold on tightSpin around one more timeAnd gracefully fall back to the arms of Grace I am hanging on every word you sayAnd even if you don’t want to speak tonightThat’s alright, […]

Take Me Away

this time what I want is youthere is no one elsewho can take your placethis time you burn me with your eyesyou see past all the liesyou take it all awayI’ve seen it allit was never enoughit keeps leaving me needing you take me awaytake me awayI’ve got nothing left to sayjust take me away […]

Stanley Climbfall

quietseems like an honest worldyou’re begging for the baker’s bread when the money’s outstand, climb, and fallyou carry the worldcan’t carry your hope when the world is falling downand another breaksand another fallsfor losers always make the winner’s day stand, climb, and fallyou carry the weightcan’t carry it all are you fallingare you fakingare you […]

Only One

She’s got a pretty smile it covers up the poison that she hides She walks around in circles in my head waiting for a chance to take me a Chance to break me a chance to take me down now i see this burden you gave me is too much to Carry too much to […]