B.I.G. Interlude

YoC-Gutta where you at?D RockafellaCaesar Leo DegeneroBled CMoney SLUhh… B.I.G. is making this creamBitches always say what the hell does that mean?B is for the bitches, who can’t understandHow one fly nigga became a manI is for the way it goes in and outOne by one I knocks em outG is for the way the […]

Notorius Thugs

[Chorus: repeat 4X] It’s Bone and Biggie, Biggie [repeat 8X] Let’s Ride [repeat 3X] Get High [repeat 3X] [Verse One: Biggie, BizzyBone,KrayzieBone] Armed and dangerous, aint too many can bang with us straight up weed no angel dust, label us notorious. Thug ass niggas dat love to bust, its strange to us ya’ll niggas be […]

Going Back To Cali

[phone number being dialed][phone rings three times][Biggie] Yo![P. Dad] Yo Big wake up wake up baby[Biggie] Mmm, yo…[P. Dad] Yo Big wake yo’ ass up c’mon[Biggie] I’m up! I’m up. *mumbling* I’m up I’m up[P. Dad] Big, wake up![Biggie] I’m up baby, what the fuck, man? What’s up?[P. Dad] C’mon now it’s a quarter to […]

Life After Death Intro

… me and her sister had somethin goin on(Aiyyo, would you listen to me motherfucker?)I reach my peak, I can’t speakCall my nigga Cheek, tell him that my will is weak(Aiyyo c’mon nigga, cut that)I’m sick of niggaz lyin, I’m sick of bitches hawkin(Aiyyo, yoyo Big, aiyyo chill)Matter of fact, I’m sick of talkin [gunshot] […]

My Downfall

[phone rings][phone rings][B.I.G.] Yo[heavy breathing][B.I.G.] Sup hello?[heavy breathing][B.I.G.] Faith?Motherfucker [click][phone rings][B.I.G.] YoKill you motherfucker (voice speaking to Biggie is whispering throughout)[B.I.G.] Hello?Kill you motherfucker[B.I.G.] [sarcastically] WORD?I’m gonna get you motherfucker you better watch your motherfuckin backThat’s my word nigga[B.I.G.] Get the fuck outta hereBetter watch your motherfuckin abck[B.I.G.] Watch my back? WORD?I’m gonna get Biggie, […]