Big Truck Boys

[Chorus 2x]Buckle Up Boy Dont Give a fuck boyHere The GillatineBig Ryders With The rest of the Big Trunk boysLeather Shit With the Big Chrome BoyHit ’em with flat double barrel Big strung Boy [Mystikal]Dont Get Caught Up with my big truck boyFuck Up Doggg!!Respect My Line And Keep my shit cleanAint Gone Let The […]

I Rock, I Roll

[Mystikal’s "human door" opens twice] Huh, BOOM! Huh.. guess who it is?I rock, I roll.. tear this motherfucker up (tear this motherfucker up)Let’s get ready to rumble!! [Mystikal]I come in this bitch to get paid to bust flow, I come for the gumboThey know me for kickin they ass from here to El SegundoLet’s get […]

Come See About Me

[Da Brat]Mystikal…what’s up nigga It’s the brat tat tat Lettin the whole mutherfukin world know I got yo back If you don’t like what my nigga mystikal doCome see about that shit Step to em’ (you know what I’m sayin)If you don’t like what I do step to me we gon’ see bout yo muthafuckin’ […]

Danger (Been So Long)

You know what time it is nigga, and you know who the fuck this is. DANGER! DANGER! Get on the floor! The nigga right chea! Sing it! [Chorus:]Been so long (sing it!)Since, he’s been onSo please (get on the floor!)Show me (the nigga right chea!)What it is that you want to see [Mystikal:]Go tell the […]

Smoked Out

yo h-hit that bitch up ah ah coo! we bout to get smoked out in this bitch here TONIGHTwhen the last time you heard that shit? (turn that shit up)DAMN, we been a minute nigga (chokin)still doin this shit (pass dat shit)look look look for yall niggas that dont knownigga, i really be smokin on […]