No Matter What Sign You Are

(Capricorn) Ow! (Scorpio) Yeah(Taurus, Gemini, Virgo) Yeah yeah yeah(Cancer) Ow! (Pisces) Yeah(Leo, Libra, Aries)(Aquarius, Sagittarius) The moon shines bright aboveBut the charts declare it’s not my night for loveOh, deep in my heart,I feel a good vibration (good vibration)Sayin’ you and me, babeWould make a good combination (good combination) There’s no need to look into […]

I’m Livin’ in Shame

Mom was cookin’ breadShe wore a dirty, raggedy scarf around her head,Always had her stockings low,Rolled to her feet, she just didn’t know She wore a sloppy dressOh, no matter how she tried, she always looked a messOut of the pot she ate,Never used a fork or a dinner plate I was always so afraid […]

Discover Me

Oh, babeOoh, babe Hidden here behind four walls, unknown to passers-byI’m just a soul deprived of love, I’ve yet to reason whyI’ve got so much to give someone, so many dreams to shareAnd a promise of a faithful love if someone would only care Discover me (discover me)And you’ll discover happiness (oh, baby)Discover me (discover […]