Can’t Stay Away From You

Time flies When you’re having funI heard somebody sayBut if all I’ve been is fun Then baby let me go Don’t wanna be in your wayAnd I don’t wanna be your second choiceDon’t wanna be just your friendYou keep telling me that you’re not in loveYou wanna throw it all away But I can’t stay […]

Anything For You

Anything for you Though you’re not hereSince you said we’re through It seems like years Time keeps dragging on and onAnd forever’s been and goneStill I can’t figure what went wrong I’d still do anything for youI’ll play your gameYou hurt me through and throughBut you can have your way I can pretend each time […]

Betcha Say That

Betcha say thatBetcha say that To all the girls You say you’ll be my knight in shining armour We’ll run away and live a life of glamour You say for me you’ll be true blue You say you want me everywhere beside you and that you just cannot live without me, no You say I […]

I Want You So Bad

You’re the only oneTo make me trembleThe one to show meHow to laugh and cry In your arms I feel complete surrenderWhy baby why To feel no need for lies or alibisI want you so badOoh babyI really, really want you What should we doWhat should we doYou know I want you Should I stay […]

Give It Up

There’s no wrong and no right In the heat of the night you stop thinkingYou don’t care anymore Throw all doubt out the door And you let go You may try to fight back by ignoring the fact That you want itBut it’s harder each dayNo more games you can play to avoid it You […]