Everything And More

when the aching is over i hope we can talk againi hope that you’ll understand mei wonder if i ever will, yeah i’m now searching for a better waysomething that makes me feel good about myself, yeahi hope some day we’ll laugh about it all and then everything turns out to be alright, yeah i […]

I'll Be Gone

wake up slowly i feel ripped off when they’re not here, ’cause it’scold and lonely silent when they’re not herei’m alone they are gone but it goes like this, and i will be gonegetting into my dreamsi’ve listened to what they told meabout how it’s going to behow it’s going to be wake up slowly […]

Happy Now

afraid you’re alone now i’ll help you i want tono chance that you’ll get here i’ll get you can’t find you still mad at your mama, defend her at the same timeyou love her, do you know it should not go this way i just want to know are you happy nowby chance want to […]

All Unsaid

If you were here nowThen i would tell youThen i would force youTo make your choicesAnd get out of my way chorusJust screamBut there’s no one thereTo hear or hold your handI’d rather talk to you thanLeave it all unsaidIt’s all unsaid it’s all unsaid Don’t run away nowIt’s not my choiceDon’t try to make […]


Held the door for me you’ll make sure I’m fine, yeah.Hold my hand all day, no you would not care.You would just be thankful to. But do you feel you’ve won?Don’t you see I’m weaker with you?I hope you don’t really think.That I’m better off without you. And I feel fine, yeah.I feel fine, yeah.Take […]