Bed Of Roses (Original)

Sitting here wasted and woundedat this old pianoTrying hard to capturethe moment this morning I don’t know‘Cause a bottle of vodkais still lodged in my headAnd some blond gave me nightmaresI think she’s still in my bedAs I dream about moviesthey won’t make of me when I’m dead With an ironclad fist I wake up […]

Anything You Need

[Chorus] I’m so glad that you came and found me Don’t have to cry cuz it’s all right I’m so glad that you came and found me Anything you need, you know I’ll be much obliged The time has come to let you know Just what I’m feeling I’m feeling in my soul I never […]

Love Like This

I never knew there was a love like this before Never had someone.. to show me, a love, Love like this before Now that, we have, come to be A brand new light, I can’t see Never thought you’d be a special, part of me, no baby The reasons, are, because of you I can […]

Life Will Pass You By

I’ve got three children to think about first I’ve got so much to do Little time to work I’ve paid my dues as you can see Been in all kinds of drama in my life series The world needs to know that I Gotta move on, gotta be strong Can’t let no one get me […]

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Seven days of SaturdayIs all that I needGot no use for Sunday‘Cause I don’t rest in peaceDon’t need no MondaysOr the rest of the weekI spend a lot of time in bedBut baby I don’t like to sleep on I won’t lie to youI’m never gonna cry to youI’ll probably drive you wild 8 days […]