Blissed and Gone

the sun has blessed the rays are goneand all the kids have left their tears and gone home sweet 17, sour 29and i can’t explain myself what i’d hoped to findyou were all so kindwhen i was near and if you’re still feeling downthen maybe i need me aroundto love and hold you don’t say […]

Soot and Stars

the words flow, decisions made idea’s mine, but the inspiration not dreams of hangers on, dreams of getting well spells of ezmerelda, emeralds foretold splinters in the eye sentiments remain bones that never rest where we going to it was never up to me and yet i pushed until it broke i love the open […]

Because You Are

ecause you are because you are because you are because you are because you are i’ve got the trauma to stay because you are i scar the stranger betray all of my senses ashamed i will deny all that i’m afraid lies will disguise rules of time and endgames because you are because you are […]

Rock On

hey kids rock and roll rock on cool my soul hey kids it’s no use sleeping showtime summertime blues jump up and die in your blue suede shoes hey kids rock and roll we’re gonna rock on where do we go from here which is the way that’s clear still looking for that blue jean […]


narrow, marrow silent, sparrow secret, serpentine smile distant, crying child you’re my lost little love you’re my lost little one urgent, arrow arcane, echo my, my, my have we thrown together apart and together again we will scatter friends like the whistling wind you can see me wave same, i’m the same but if i […]