Not Myself

Suppose I saidI am on my best behaviorAnd there are timesI lose my worried mind Would you want me when I’m not myself?Wait it out while I am someone else? Suppose I saidColors change for no good reasonAnd words will goFrom poetry to prose Would you want me when I’m not myself?Wait it out while […]


I’m writing you tocatch you up on places I’ve beenYou held this letterprobably got excited, but there’s nothing else inside itdidn’t have a camera by my side this timehopping I would see the world with both my eyesmaybe I will tell you all about it when I’min the mood to lose my way with wordsToday […]


I’ve these dreams I’mWalking homeHome when it used to beAnd everything isAs it wasFrozen in front of me Here I stand6 feet smallromanticizing years agoit’s a bitter sweet feeling hearing "Wrapped Around Your Finger" on theradio and these daysI wish I was 6 againOh make me a red capeI wanna be Superman Oh, if only […]

My Stupid Mouth

My stupid mouthHas got me in troubleI said too much againTo a date over dinner yesterdayAnd I could seeShe was offendedShe said "well anyway…"Just dying for a subject change Oh, another social casualtyScore one more for meHow could I forget?Mama said "think before speaking"No filter in my headOh, what’s a boy to doI guess he […]

No Such Thing

Welcome to the real world", she said to meCondescendinglyTake a seatTake your lifePlot it out in black and whiteWell I never lived the dreams of the prom kingsAnd the drama queensI’d like to think the best of meIs still hidingUp my sleeve They love to tell youStay inside the linesBut something’s betterOn the other side […]