My Sundown

I see it around me, I see it in everything.I could be so much more than this.I said my goodbye’s this is my sundown.I’m gonna be so much more than this.With one hand high, you’ll show them your progress.You’ll take your time, but no one cares.No one cares.I need you to show me the way […]


Hung up here on a web of comfort.Taking off with nowhere to go.Standing tall with but your new cloak armor.Making out like it’s all been done.It’s harder than it seems.You slip but never fall.They’ll take you, when you wont come back to me.Tearing down what we built up so well.Layin low as you came my […]

In The Same Room

Fingers in, listen what voices always wrote for me, ego.risk worth taking risk worth leaving.seems i’m still afraid to promise.too big to stop too big to hold on up for the fast your friends.train passes us.pulling your teeth you push away.cancel plans, cancel them all.check your breath for cold and hold on.please […]

Goodbye Sky Harbor

"Is tomorrow just a day like all the rest."How could you know just what you did?So full of faith yet so full of doubt I ask.Time and time again you said don’t be afraid."If you believe you can do it."The only voice I want to hear is yours.Again.I shall ask you this once again.And again.He […]

Hear You Me

There’s no one in town I knowYou gave us some place to go.I never said thank you for that.I thought I might get one more chance.What would you think of me now,so lucky, so strong, so proud?I never said thank you for that,now I’ll never have a chance.May angels lead you in.Hear you me my […]