Drifting Along

Nowhere to goBut I’ll still be cruisingI live this life longLong long time You know I’m drifting along (drifting along)Can’t see where I am goingI will get to my destination I’m feeling the pressure (pressure)All around me crumble (man now)But I won’t be put down this time I’m shifting alongThough I sing a sweet song […]

Head Over Heels

SometimesIn the morningWhen I wake upI shed a tearI’m hoping, come the nightime,you’ll openThe door and re-apperI can promise to share,All my dreams I will dareYou set my heart racing when you get next to meStill I don’t think you careShould I wait for your loveOr am I waiting in vainSomebody help me cause I’m […]

Planet Home

You know there’s no place like planet homeNowhere else I would rather beIt’s the only place I knowWhere you can witness tragedyThere’s no time to wonder nowAbout who is right or wrongWere Gonna need some help to get things straightSo come on bring your advice along,Because sure enough There’s no place like planet homeI wanna […]

Soul Education

I didn’t have time for schoolSpent my days breaking the rules and regulationsAnd inbetween they’re having funThe teachers told me son, get me an educationSo I had my bout of freedomDressed like a man through four seasonsHey I’m steppin out so cut me looseAnd as mama waved goodbyeTears were welling in her eyesShe don’t need […]