Black Capricorn Day

Hey heyHey heyLet the rain come down on meHey, hey, hey, heyI see people and they’re craving bloodAnd I’m so rarely understoodWell I don’t know what they want from me,It’s gonna take sometime just to let them see I’m going through a black, hey Capricorn dayAnd though it doesn’t seem soI’m going through a black […]

Emergency On Planet Earth

The kids need educationAnd the streets are never cleanI’ve seen, a certain disposition, prevailing in the windSweet change, if anybody’s listening?Emergency on planet earthIs that life that I am witnessingOr just another wasted birth We got emergency – emergency on planet earth Think we’re standing for injusticeWhite gets two and black gets five yearsTook me […]

Spend A Lifetime

Touch me in the night timeAll I want from you is loveAnd I know you can givesuch sweet momentsTo last me so longCos, you make me feel so strong All I want to do is spend alifetime with you, babyMake it happenAll I want to do is spend alifetime with you, babyOh girlAll I want […]

Mr Moon

Have you gone astray ?Or lost your way ?You should have seen me yesterdayWell I knew this kind of loveWas written in the starsIt’s only once or twice that you’re in line with Mr MoonThen it was youTook me on your cloudGive me flowers for my painBut with some degree of certaintyMy destinySeemed to slip […]

Half The Man

yesterday i was half the man i used to bemaybe that’s because you’re the other half of melike the spring in bloomthe summer of our love is soonevery bird will singthe melody of our love tune sent down from aboveunconditionally lovelikened to a flowerstronger love grows by the hourstormy weather daysmake us go our separate […]