As madmen, some hung head downFrom a long dead treeSome discuss, all at onceFor no one to hear Variations on emptinessGreat themes on vain glory And as some go feral in strange performancesDressing customs that are metaphorsOf your diseaseHungry eyes are looking for Me…Mephisto Laughing, I feed youWith meaningless games, tricks and philosophiesWhose answers you […]

Herr Spiegelman

Look Me in the eyes and drown… "Everyone considered the man in the blue jacketas the most beautiful human being they have ever seen:nuns saw on him the Messiah in flesh;Satan’s adorers the lustrous Prince of Darkness;philosophers the Supreme Being;young females an enchanted prince;Men an ideal reflection of themselves." Patrick Sskind: The Perfume ("Story Of […]

Raven Claws

I remember her as a child Raven…on and on with her raven clawsCarving…on and on with her raven claws How she lusts when she remembersThe night of her first blowShe always wanted to knowHow far could she really go Inflamed, a dead-end roomSeduce to consumeNightsilence…Vampire…EmpireStatues with open wounds The flavour of poison and moonStill maturing […]

A Poisoned Gift

Forever young in a ground so coldThe splendor of your death still fresh to behold In your neck an open woundTo spawn life into your LoveAnd to feed the creatures of our world We have tasted from the poisoned gift of loveWhich condemned us to forever fly alone We have experienced an aged potionThe wine […]