Bab’s Uvula Who?

I’ve got a knack for fucking everything upMy temper flies and I get myself all wound upMy fuse is short and my blood pressure is highI lose control and I get myself all wound upTension mounts and I fly off the wallI self destruct and I get myself all wound upPetulance and irritation sets inI […]


Somebody keep my balanceI think I’m falling offInto a state of regressionThe expiration dateRapidly coming upIt’s leaving me behind to rankAlways move forwardGoing "straight" will get you nowhereThere is no progressEvolution killed it allI found my place in nowhereI’m taking one step sidewaysLeading with my crutchGot a fucked up equilibriumCount down from 9 to 5Hooray! […]

Atmatage Shanks

Stranded… lost inside myselfMy own worst friendMy own closet enemyBranded… Maladjusted Never trusted anyoneLet alone myselfI must insiston being a pessimist I´m a loner in a catastrophic mindElected the rejectedI perfected the science of the idiot No meaning… no healingSelf loathing freak and introvertedDeviot

Panic Song

Ready for a cheap escapeOn the brink of self-destructionWidespread panicBroken glas inside my headBleeding down these thoughts ofAnguish… mass confusion#The world is a sick machineBreeding a mass of shitWith such a desolate conclusionFill the void with… I don´t careThere´s a pleague inside of meEating at my dispositionNothing´s leftTorn out of realityInto a state of no […]


Mom and Dad don’t look so hot these daysThey’re getting over the hillDeath is closing in and catching upAs far as I can tellGot a plan of action and cold bloodAnd it smells of defianceI’ll just wait for Mom and Dad to dieAnd got my inheritanceNow I want more‘Cause I’m getting boredAnd I’m going nowhere […]