Broken Home

All aloneI can’t seem to fight these feelingsI’m caught in the middle of thisAnd my wounds are not healingI’m stuck in between my parentsI wish I had someone to talk toSomeone I could confide inI just want to know the truthI just want to know the truthWant to know the truth Broken homeAll aloneI know […]


All I need is bottle and I don’t need no friendsNow wallow in my pain, I swallow as I pretendTo act like I’m happy when I drink till no endI’m losing all my friends, I’m losing in the end she saysBehave little boy, you better sit back downTill you hold your groundIt’s your turn to […]

Blood Brothers

Watch your back because the next man is comingAnd you don’t know if the next man is dumbinSurvival of the fittest waht it isI got yo back, you got my back and that’s the bizBlood is rushing through my veinsI got the power channel the energyAnd with my strength I will devourSickening thoughts are running […]

Never Enough

Life’s been sucked out of meAnd this routine’s killing meI did it to myself, I did it to myself, I said it would not beSomebody put me out of my miseryExpression, stimulation hallow sense of myselfI did it to myself againSomebody put me in my placeNever enoughDo I deserve what I gotNow everything’s OK, there’s […]

Between Angels And Insects

There’s no moneyThere’s no possessionsOnly obsessionsI dont need that shitTake my moneyTake my obsession I just wanna be heardLoud and clear are my wordsComing from withinMan, tell ’em what you heardIt’s about a revolution in your heartAnd in your mindYou cant find the conclusionLifestyle and obsessionDaimond rings get you nothingBut a life-long lessonAnd you’re pocket […]