Lying here sitting in front of a fireNot only Megan said I could thrive on a shotGrinning my manhood and judge the mantleI cut it up for yousay hey heyAnd I wake upI got my do this way [3X] She laughs about itsqueeking inflection when the wind blows just rightDragging your thumbs of my shirtHow […]

Been A Son

She should have stayed away from friendsShe should have had more time to spendShe should have died when she was bornShe should have worn the crown of thornsShe should have been a sonShe should have been a sonShe should have been a sonShe should have been a sonShe should have stood out in the crowdShe […]

Big Long Now

It’s not cold enoughplease put his side upshe is moon graycan we show our faces now I’m not in a stringshe’s not turning graysimple as it seemscan we show our faces now endless climbI am blindwhat can I hearcall a liespeaking a phraseinstantly grownI am blindwaiting in line[again, substituting ‘why am I sure’ as the […]

Son Of A Gun

Up up up and downTurn turn turnaroundRound round roundaboutAnd over againGun gun son of a gunYou are the only oneMakes any difference what I sayThe sun shines in the bedroomWhen we playThe raining always startsWhen you go away