Bootsee let me define it you can rewind it after I finish spittin’Now I want you to tell me if you know somebody in yo town that fit the descriptionA sucka, a ignorant mothafuckaOne of them show boatin’ high sidin’ want to get some attention type nagasJust as flashy but bitches be askin me If […]


"There is something going on down here…" "In Vallejo." "FedEx!" "In Vallejo, California" –> E-40 "In Vallejo." "In Vallejo, California" –> E-40 [Chorus: Suga T]He said he’s just a, timah name, rang-inMajor factor, Fed ExHigh-powered lawyers, and ayoung nigga havin his wayyyy! [Verse One: E-40]Lil’ mannish ass nigga on restrictioncryin with his motherfuckin nose in […]

Sprinkle Me

Intro: E-40 *burrrp, burp*Yeah, focus pocus, skiggedy-skatIt ain’t nuttin but meThat nigga E-40Finna sprinkle some of you fools with some of thisThis G-A-M-E man some of this gameUnderstand my sistaFinna sprinkle you fools with sprinkle sistaUnderstand this doeIt don’t stop til the motherfucking glock pop[Don’t stop] and fuck a glock I’m fuckin with a 6RP226 […]

Smoke 'n' Drank

(spit that shit)Durrin a playa like Ma DukesI think I recall when I got my first toothI was a teeny little ol teether perv on flea little bitchesSome like a little further on down the linestarted fuckin with moonshine, all kind of winesStood in front of the liquor house so I can get mine, from […]


[E-40]Woke up in the A.M., toasted out of my craniumGotta take a shit, took a dump in the MediterraneanFlushed the toilet, hit the showerSnatched a fit up out the clos’Miles of a ’96 broom handleHangin half-way out my drawersYou niggas better feel me I got patrons to serveNigga got to starts pay props will deserveFuck […]