I asked myself How can IHurt someone that’s by my sideKnowing how you would take me backBeautiful girl from way off trackBut leaving me blueHas made me growI played myself I told you soIts so hard for me to let you goI page you now and let you know [Chorus]Some days I wish I was […]

Beautiful (You Are)

You know there’s something bout a sexy song (that really)Turns me on (and makes me)Feel at home (and uh)Uh medley always sound so sweet (as if)Slowly calls your body next to me (and uh)A beautiful smooth conversation (just to)Show my love ( and it)Expresses us howI wonder how everything would be If you send the […]

Hate The Playa

Stormy Day, Platinum Status2001, uhGon’ make you dance, come onGon’ make you dance, come onGon’ make you dance, come on I ain’t lookin’ at your girlfriendBut she’s peepin’ meShe saw me good lovin’I broke her I-C-E was on my neckYou started to suspectYour girl was thinking damnWho could I be The situation’s clear to me […]

Clap Your Hands Pt. 1

Stop, look and listenNew chick on the block Pop this So sickAverage chick I’m notMy mouth dryAt the site of sexiest Hit the door lookin for my niggas I’mxUp in the club poppin tops on the bubblyAt the bar spot Bat, Romeo and LDBThe club is pack ohh Shhh They are playin my jamA lot […]


Our Anniversary is what its suppose to beGoin on 2 yrs and now it ends in tragedyJust walked out the door (door) and you went away (way)Didn’t say nothing and didn’t give me time to explainI called your house (house) they say your not home (home)But I know your sittin by the phone screening my […]