I’m okayif you get me at a good angleand you’re okayin the sort of lightand we don’t looklike pages from a magazinebut that’s all rightthat’s all right I crashed your pickup truckand then I had to drive it back homeI was cryingI was so scaredof what you would doof what you would saybut you just […]

Circle Of Light

standing just outsidethe circle of lightavoiding the pool cueswatching the gamewaiting for youhanging in the doorwaylike smokelike mistletoethis is where I’ll bewhenever you come or go I’m gonna roll you overgonna peel you backexpose your tender centerwatch the juices flow from the crackgonna peel you outof your protective shellor I might have to break right […]

Every State Line

I got pulled over in west Texasso they could look inside my carhe said are you an american citizenI saidyes sirso farthey made sure I wasn’t smugglingsomeone in from Mexicosomeone willing to settle for america’cause there’s nowhere else to go and every state linethere’s a new set of lawsand every police mancomes equipped with extended […]

I’m No Heroine

you think I wouldn’t have himunless I could have him by the ballsyou think I just dish it outyou don’t think I take it at allyou think I am strongeryou think I walk taller than the restyou think I’m usually wearing the pantsjust ’cause I rarely wear a dress well… when you look at meyou […]

If It Isn't Her

standing like john wayneshe is full framedshe is center stageand my imagination israttling in its cageI didn’t really noticewhen everything else disappearedbut as far as I’m concernedif it isn’t herit isn’t here she says do I know youI say well, no, not biblicallybut I’ve been waiting for you comeand talk to meI have been playingtoo […]