Angels Holocaust

As I walk through the blackened forestThoughts of hate and anger fill my soulThe charred remains of the holy rollersScream repentance though it’s far too late I fight back the laughter at what I seeThe suffering healers false destined prophecy He didn’t think yesterday of the end of his lifeThe brainwashed fools born again of […]

Birth Of The Wicked

Daylight breaks hard on sacred groundFor centuries we’ve questioned them of His birthBut in this hour, on this day, The Elder knewYears of madness must now subdueOrder must be enforced to hide the truthCause on this day, in this hour it’s coming true Child of the wicked and ancient manBaptized in black magic, their master […]

Before The Vision

Spoken:Oh, God, am I going crazyWhat is happening to me, I need some answersI’ve been chosen by the darkest force in natureBut why, why me? Call of the spirits:Go now, into the plainsSeek out, the answers you’ll findVisions will be shown to youAt night by the lit desert moon Be strong, ride forth in prideOur […]

Burnt Offerings

In one last breathYou’ll feel this damned old soulYou’ll see the things I see For all these yearsOf pain and sacrificeYou’ll know the pain I know Of all these thingsI offer unto youInfernal wisdom waits Now unleashedLike the flames of hateMy sacrifice is made Every noteAnd every word you hearComes from deep within An angry […]

Blessed Are You

Pure ambition burns in meIt’s a beast, never to be tamedAnd the only peace I can findIs when I’m here with youYou are the ones that keep me highYou are the ones for which I’ll dieForever we will beStanding tall, side by sideWe’re the children of the night (chorus)Blessed are youBlessed am IChildren of the […]