Are You Gonna Throw It All Away

You’ve been lookin’ for a reasonYou’ve been trying to find a wayTo find an easy way of leavin’‘Cause you can’t find a way to stay. If it’s not workin’ why can’t we work it out?Baby, it’s just so wrong to be walkin’ out,Don’t walk out. Are you gonna throw it all away, forever?Aren’t you gonna […]

Maybe It Was Magic

There were good timesI still remember when I made you smile,When life was easyWe’d coexist in a comfortable style,And there were feelingsI was inclined to believe they would never fade,It’s so funnyHow things don’t always work that way. There was something in the air,Maybe it was magicAnd there was something in your voice,When you used […]

Love In A World Gone Mad

Both sides of your windowsSomething crazy’s going on,Troubles in and outsideIt’s hard to tell where you belong. Time and time againOut searching for that silver lining, friendYou keep holding on, you keep holding on. Love in a world gone mad,The best thing we’ll ever haveLove in a world gone mad,And it’s so precious that I […]

I Wasn’t The One (Why Said Goodbye)

Your eyes and my eyes haven’t talked in quite a whileSeems like a lifetime since I walked beside your smileThere’s a dark cloud that’s hanging aboveMemories never lie, still we talk about the way that it wasAnd I think we both know the feelings haven’t died. I wasn’t the one who said goodbye, oh noI […]

If You Need Somebody Tonight

If you need somebody tonightHere I am, here I am,If it’s love you need in your lifeHere I am tonight. If you want somebody to holdTake my hand, take my hand,If the night is getting too coldTake my hand tonight. I will hold you, I will love you,I will be there right beside you,You will […]