Are you Ready?

Hey, Mr. Seeker hold on to this advice If you keep seeking you will find Don’t want to follow Down roads been walked before It’s so hard to find unopened doors Are you ready? Are you ready? For whats to come…Oh I said Are you ready? Are you Ready?…For whats to come Hey, Mr. Hero […]

Never Die

Hands on a window pane Watching some children laugh and playThey’re running in circles With candy canes and French braids Inspired to question What makes us grown-ups anyway? Let’s search for the moment When youth betrayed itself to age So let the children play Inside your heart always And death you will defy ‘Cause your […]


She wears a coat of color Loved by some, feared by others She’s immortalized in young men’s eyes Lust she breeds in the eyes of brothersViolent sons make bitter mothers So close your eyes, here’s your surprise The Beautiful is empty Beautiful is free Beautiful loves no one Beautiful stripped me Stripped meStripped meShe Stripped […]

Faceless Man

I spent a day by the river It was quiet and the wind stood stillI spent some time with nature To remind me of all that’s real It’s funny how silence speaks sometimes when you’re alone And remember that you feel I said it’s funny how silence speaks sometimes when you’re alone And remember that […]

Inside Us All

When I’m all alone And no one else is there Waiting by the phone To remind me I’m still here When shadows paint the scenes Where spotlights used to fallAnd I’m left wondering Is it really worth it all? There’s a peace inside us all Let it be your friend It will help you carry […]