[Verse1]Nigga, now since my career be on shineThese haters be packin’ they nineBut look nigga, I’m down for mineTryin’ to catch me at the red light gettin’ my shineBut I use my niner to protect me at all timeI just bought that new Lexus1998 the bubble eye nigga with them 19 inchesSee I’ma talk about […]

Drivin' Em

[Mannie Fresh]Drivin in a Benz, in the nestComing in this motherfucker, turning motherfuckin necksGoing back in the superstretchJust checkin how many fly bitches I can catchRide motherfucker and you gonna knowSeeing some ladies hanging out the windowLet the interior look reign18 inches whippers look like so much painI’ma mac like Moley the one and onlyI’m […]

Cutlass, Monte Carlo's, & Regals

Started with…. [Chorus]Cutlass, Monte Carlo’s, & Regals, manTo Surburbans, Expeditions, with the T.V.’s playin’Cutlass, Monte Carlo’s, & Regals, manTo Surburbans, Expeditions, with the T.V.’s playin’ [Manny Fresh]In 1988, when my grandfather passedHe left me a Monte Carlo and a large amount of cashIt was, bubble gum blue with the leather plush seatsAnd I just can’t […]

Playboy (Don’t Hate Me)

[Lil’ Wayne]What, what what, what, huhHuh, huh, Big Tymers, huhBetter act like you know itI be comin wit’ itAnd you saw Wayne from a distance in the ExpeditionI’m on chrome, 20 inches you know who I beOh yes, you know me4 feet, millionaire, that’s H-O-TWhoa-ty, slow down, you might be a haterSlippin’ ‘tal in your […]