[Manny]See these broads, I like’em and shitWish I could, give all these hoes a picturemy dickSee I like’em and psyche’em, then I get in the winI might just need you and leave you at a quarter past 10 butI ain’t gon’ lie, yo’ pussy was goodBut your mouth is better so I wish you wouldWorkin’ […]

Big Tymers (Intro)

[Mannie Fresh]Have you ever met a balla in whole damn lifeWit plenty money, plenty bitches, and a whole lot of iceI’m that nigga man, tha one they talkin aboutI’m that nigga man, wit tha big ass houseMove over, Range RoverI fuckin told ya [Bullet Proof]Bubba gotta brand new solja [Mannie Fresh]Who bought this bitch, Cash […]

How U Luv That

Awww man, Man I sure believe this one here man, gon’ be so beautifulI know everyone out there gon’ hafta love this one, ya heard that? [Verse 1]Now, who the fuck cars for daysCrazy hoes and momos with the 20 inch blazePicture me and the missus driving ExpeditiousThe backstabbin’ friends blowin’ kissesChrome-struck bitches, wood grain […]


[Baby]Now I’m feeling good and fineSmokin green and drinkin wineTen thousand dollars at the bar (all on baby)I guess that makes me a super-duper starDrinkin ripple and tangaraeA brand new drink I call it bri-barae [Chorus]My life is beautiful(Livin that good life) It’s just beautiful(Livin that good life) [2x] [Baby]Take me baby to the motelWhen […]

Suga & Pac, Puff & Big

[B.G.]Me the B.G., and Baby my fuckin roundsTwo livin legend paper chasers from uptownBout money and bitches, puttin haters in ditchesWe roll in trucks like Hummers and ExpeditionsOur relationship like Moses and JesusAsk one of our hoes, ain’t no comin between usTwo black young kingpins, that’s how they treat usSteaks and fettucini is what they […]