i show pitty on the human race,on the ignorant plenty who devote their lives to an icon that they’ve never known.i show pitty on eons past,when early man started the first civilization and human aggression was born.i show pitty on the future to come,when the government system will be omnipotent and we’llbe worse off . […]

Part III

The final page is written in the books of history,As man unleashed his deadly bombs and sent troops overseasTo fight a war which can’t be won and kills the human race,A show of greed and ignorance, man’s quest for dominance. They say when a mistake is made, a lesson can be learned.But this time, there’s […]

Doing Time

see the fight, old men crying, deny their ruin.watch them try. the cynic laughs at the optimist’s closed eyes.darkness falls, curtain calls, the cynic’s beer soon overflows.other watches, has a seat, and from the same cup, they drink.i’m doin’ time, how long i don’t know.william had 26, blew his brains out, now look at him.john […]

American Dream

i hate my family, hate my school, speed limits and the golden rule.hate people who aren’t what they seem, more than anything else, american dream.american dream’s gonna swallow you whole, it’s bursting at the seam,it’ll sweep you away, so enjoy it today, tomorrow you’ll be old thus useless.american dream . . . american dream . […]

Faith In God

it’s all right to have faith in godbut when you bend to their rules and their fucking liesthat’s when i start to have pity on you.you’re living on a mound of dirt,but you can’t explain your reason for existence so you blame it on god.so much hatred in this world and you can’t decidewho’s pulling […]