Ghost Train

Take me to your world of wonderLet me come inside your roomInvisibleNow you see nothin’Some investigation as to the state of usNo misunderstanding girlOn either side I couldn’t lie if I try any other wayI can’t stop thinking of that girl of mineI’m for the rise and the fallAny other way and (CHORUS)OhhRide on my […]

Secret Love

When do I cryThis breakin’ heartJust hurts me moreWhen we’re apartAnd there are two of usWith our secret love Sleep pretty baby while you wait so longLivin’ with a love that’s not just make believeLonely nights, I see your candle glowAnd in my mind, I traceTogether we can take awayThe time and the space (CHORUS)Baby […]


Hindsight, don’t make it rightShe give me trouble enoughAnd she’s a ball of lightI’m in the tunnel of loveWith the American dreamAnd I was born too soonA little good luck, never stuckShe got me climbing the wallsGot me hard as a rockWithin a city of sin, she got a city blockAnd she was barkin’ at […]

Happy Ever After

Though I know it’s time to take you homeBaby you and I are all aloneWe should take a moment of our ownAnd look what we’ve gotYou could destroy this heart of mineI’m only trying to get byHiding in the shadows of the nightHolding you and knowing the wrong is right Show me some mercyYou know […]

High Civilization

Cryin’ in the streetsThey run for their livesHow can you lead them to heavenThey don’t realizeChildren of the nightHow far can we fallThat which we say is foreverAin’t no time at all Father and the sonNot too young to be oldReach out for each other whenThe world goes coldFeel so good to be homeAre you […]