Take On Me

Talking awayI don’t know whatI’m to say I’ll say it anywayToday’s another day to find youShying awayI’ll be coming for your love, OK? Take on me, take me onI’ll be goneIn a day or two So needless to sayI’m odds and endsBut that’s me stumbling awaySlowly learning that life is OK.Say after meIt’s no better […]

Forever In Love

Love leads to laughterLove leads to painWith you by my sideI feel good times again Never have I feltThese feelings beforeYou showed me the worldHow can I ask for more And although there’s confusionWe’ll find a solutionTo keep my heart close to you And I know, yes I knowIf you hold me, believe meI’ll never, […]

Summertime Of Our Lives

ALL: Summertime of our livesSummertime of our lives, our lives BEN: Hey girl the feeling is rightYou’ve gotta get out in the sunlight ALL: (Sunlight) MARK: Hot sand holding your handYou keep me jammin’ in the morning’til the moonlight ALL: We’ll have the time of our livesIn our wonderworldTime of our livesThere’s a boy for […]

Be The First To Believe

Just one on oneThat’s the way we do it (baby)Just one on oneThat’s the way we do itJust one on oneThat’s the way we do it (baby)Just one on oneThat’s the way we do it Baby, I can’t always sayWhat’s on my mind, yeahNew sensationsGot me!Breaking out the love I feel inside, yeahI’ll take you […]

Heaven By Your Side

You and I, cannot hideThe love we feel insideThe words we need to say I feel that IHave always walked aloneBut now that you’re here with meThere’ll always be a place that I can go Suddenly our destinyHas started to unfold When you’re next to meI can see the greatest storyLove has ever told Now […]