turn them heaadphones upyeahto my man Nigga-No, yoKilla Beeno doubt [Prodigy]I kick that progressand to that dumb nigga god blessI know you can’t sleep or rest behind that bullshitnow you rock the best, scared to death while you walkinfuckin up the talkin, we straight up, New Yorkinwe blowin niggasheart attack stroking niggasprovoking niggas, shittin all […]

Apostle’s Warning

Intro: Havoc Uhh GOD, uhh, y’know what we gotta do son!Y’knowhutI’msayin? Word up!Make that millions fam!No doubt! It’s only there for the takings sonMatter of fact let me get some of that beer sonWe drunk all that shit, hey yo! (Havoc) 44th Side convention, Queens connectionThe Bridge be rep’tinAny party that we step in get […]

Can’t Get Enough Of It

[Havoc]QBCAbout to take over, your area!YO Left to right protect the life, guard my castleWhen goin at you, take it to the gats if I have toIt’s the hassle, jealous thugs I suppose squeezeturn that ass to Swiss cheese, leave permanent holesAnd to them hoes, you know how it go, no doughCause they subject to […]

G.O.D. Pt. III

Some of that 151 Son (yeah some of that bogus)("What you got in the trunk?")Aight, aiyyo Son, yo yoYou think that motherfuckin nigga’s out there right now Son?(Word, what he doin out here?)Son we got drama with that niggaBe tryin to fuckin front last week(What, that kid out there? Yo, I seen that nigga earlier […]

More Trife Life

Yeah she’ll take you out too kid. A rainy day layed up thinkinSitting gettin bentWatchin old seventy flicksMinds on the slouchBack on the couchHeard the phone ringIt was a shorty from uptown I met back day.Long time no hear fromNo doubt long time no seeI heard you had a seed a baby girl and now […]